Sliding ‘cross the street…

Eight Stings


A private vision: City in Cinemascope

on Kinga Kulcsar’s photography

“…These pictures are very pragmatic – Kulcsar doesn’t seem to worry about the size and resolution, she won’t go for a great show in a gallery (let’s admit, any good pictures can look great when blown up to a great size and it only takes money), she composed and finished these images in screen resolution. Oh, yeah. Indeed, why do wee need those huge prints for a lot of money and for a lot of trees? Why the great art opening with the cool drinks and extra large prints – it’s fun but doesn’t contribute to inhaling art at all. Huge prints and great shows actually make it easy for anybody to mingle and feel safe without actually having to confront the pictures of the exhibition.

Kulcsar’s pictures are amazingly fresh in this way. They’re totally like great shots from a great movie that has been photographed very beautifully. They’ll practically make you feel an incredible thirst for seeing that movie. And this is art, totally: creating (in imagination) a movie that doesn’t exist and impressing you by the stills from it.

The pictures actually make up a story indeed. They’re a series. All of them were taken from a height, like from a window or from a top of a high building. Typical “second unit” shots that’ll make up the atmosphere for the forthcoming scenes and for the whole movie.
“Finding Home Town” – that’s how the story translates literally. Some of the pictures make smaller series, sequences, either in a format of “digital zoom”, or successive shots, more and more blurry. Really emotional since this gives the pictures a scent of study. A sstudy while taking the pictures and a study when editing them. Beautiful story, blurry and emotional. Birds? Yes. Birds’ view? Also. But there’s more: atmosphere, the atmosphere of the there-and-then. You feel that you can byte the air of that present it’ so there. Is it a trick? No, it’s rather magic. Transferring an experience, an impression by the simple means of an imaging device.
Really impressive shots, very strong atmosphere. That’s exactly what you can get from great pictures. That is what great pictures can get you. A nice trip. Kulcsar’s pictures do that without bonds to the official tissue of culture or to (high or even higher) society – it’s just great pictures, screen to screen, touching you in the most intimate way.”

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