The Warrior of 9

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One Word – Study for warrior of 9

Dear Deer film production for Warrior of 9 – animated and designed by me

Study for Diana’s dream

“I had a strange dream last night. I was feeding hummingbirds with my blood. It was so colorful and beautiful but at the same time it frightened me because I dreamed that I was dead.”


Episode #1
The Lonely Cedar and The Special Relativity of Love

Screenplay and Director: Kinga Kulcsar
Cinematographer: Imre Juhasz
Assistant Director: Noemi Sparks
Photographer & second camera: Peter Virth

Mihaly Szabados as Warrior of 9
Gizella Donald as Diana


About the “Warrior of 9 – The Special Relativity of Love” Movie
The “Warrior of 9” is a love story. A story of a man and a woman who are destined to meet and fulfill their destiny. The movie explores – with realistic tools – the symbolic and relative nature of fate and human relationships, such as our heroes’ love for each other, in the context of the different viewpoints of reality, both space and time.

The male character – the Warrior – is a new immigrant in the US, living homeless and jobless in San Francisco, but never stops dreaming about getting started. As the story progresses, the man and the woman cross each others’ path – or the same slice of space-time – more and more often, until we start believing in their common fate, but we become less certain about the nature of this destiny. A recurring symbols in the movie are two trees (of the man and the woman), the seemingly only absolutely real objects in our heroes’ space-time, trees visited by them frequently during the movie. The events around these trees and the lovers’ visions and their dreams about each other represent their shared reality and their growing feeling of each others’ existence and eventually we’ll start considering them as one soul, the male and female characteristics of it, one that was separated in the past. In the past that is frozen forever.

Mihaly Szabados demo reel:


Test photo shoot in Carmel

Paul Pieske, “Hope this helps!!”
Christopher Graigrai Simmersbach, “I love the idea; I love your energy, I love your dedication to your passion”

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