A Coney Island of the Heart

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A Coney Island of The Heart

Title: A Coney Island of the Heart
Director, Writing, Editing: Kinga Kulcsár
Directory of Photography: Rahul Pawar
Assistant Director: Céline Rieck
Cast: Yoko Inoue
Camera: 16 mm Arriflex B&W
Location: Manhattan, New York, NY
Project: Mise-en-scène Film – New York Film Academy
Release date: 2010
Inspired by Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s “A Coney Island of the Mind”

A little girl in a bunny costume is sitting in a dirty, empty room. It’s raining outside. Water is dripping into a plastic basin from the ceiling. There is an old poster of Coney Island on the wall. The little girl throws a tennis ball onto the poster and catches it as it bounces back. Over and over again. Until…


The camera first shows a single water drop dripping into the plastic basin. Then the camera turns the focus on the girl and stops there for a bit. We see the girl raising her hand and throwing the ball toward the wall. The camera follows the ball which then bounces back from the poster, back to the hand of the girl. She repeats this several times until the last time when the ball is thrown, the camera follows it toward the wall, but the ball never arrives. End.

16mm blueprint for the film

Behind the scene

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